Open multiple orders with one click

You can open multiple orders with predefined settings (price, lot, stop loss, take profit) for each order.

Also you can predefine several shortcuts with different setting of multiple orders.

MT4 multiple trades
For open multiple orders just click on “OPEN” button on the configured shortcut
If you need to change configuration of multiple orders shortcut, then click on “Edit” button
To add a new shortcut you just need to do next steps:

  1. Click on the “New shortcut” button.
  2. Click on the “Add group of orders shortcut” button.
  3. Set name of multiple orders shortcut and click on “ADD ORDERS” button for add a new order template.
  4. Set new order parameters (symbol, type, lot, stop loss, take profit and comment) and click on “OK” button.

    By the similar way add another order parameters for this multiple orders shortcut.

    If you need to delete one of the order parameters, then click on the “X” button at the end of order line.

  5. When you finish your multiple orders configuration click on “SAVE” button.
  6. Now you ready to open multiple orders with one click

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