Forex Speed Up MT4 Trade panel

Make trading easier on your MT4 Desktop

  • Auto calculating lot by risk
  • Several order templates
  • Open multiple orders with one click
  • Move trade pad outside MetaTrader 4
  • More features

Automatic calculating lot by risk value

You need just set stoploss and risk in percent of Equity.
Your lot will be calculated automatically.
You can see auto calculated lot before you open a trade.

Multiple trades

Open multiple orders with one click using preconfigured shortcut.
Also you can preconfigure several different shortcuts.
How to configure shortcut with multiple orders.

Speed up your trading now!

for lifetime license

Undocked window

ForexSpeedUp is an undocked MT4 tool.
It means that you can move the ForexSpeedUp window outside the MT4 chart... and even outside the MT4 terminal.

Yes it’s true!

You can open trades in MT4 account while you looking even on TradingView charts.

More details

Closing trades

Close trades by clicking on X button at the end line in orders table.

Close only profitable or loss trades in MT4.

Close all trades with one click.

Close all market or all pending trades in one click.

Several trade templates

Does you trade on EURUSD and GBPUSD?
If yes, then you can add 2 templates for each symbol.

Does in your trading you need to open trades with different stoploss or takeprofit for different price actions?
If yes, then you can add 2 templates for each of your stoploss or takeprofit.

No longer have to reconfigure template every time for different price signals. All you need is configure one time.

And all of this templates you can use everywhere, over any charts.

Speed up your trading now!

for lifetime license

Vote for potential features

Your vote is very important, because it can change priority of the potential features.
We will start to develop new feature that is the most expected by community.

If you didn’t find a feature that you need, then you can add a description. After that other people will be able to vote for it.

Money back guarantee

Your purchase is risk-free.

Get all your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

Demo vs Paid

Demo version has only one restriction:
It allows open new orders only if you have less than 2 market and pending orders for the moment in the real MT4 account.

Paid version has no any restriction and have a lifetime license.

Predefined Stop Loss & Take Profit values for instant entries

The trading systems that involve fixed values of Stop Loss & Take Profit could be used even faster if you define these values beforehand.

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How to activate the program

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